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Summer 2022

This summer, we will be hosting 2 sessions of classes (One 4-week session in July, and one 4-week session in August.) Register for the July Session: 

Classes will: 

  • Be divided into 2 age groups: going into grades 2-3, 4-5. For students in grades 6-8, we would recommend checking out the classes at Belmont Free Lessons (Creative Writing and AP Lang.)

  • Held once a week for an hour on Google Meet

  • Have strongly recommended homework (as we don't have a lot of class time)

  • Require participation from students (unmuting and speaking, sharing writing with the teachers, typing the chat, etc.)

We aim to have about 15-20 people per class or less.

Our Experience: We have been teaching for 2 years now. In those years, we taught nearly 150 kids over the course of several months. Most of our instructors for this month now have 30-50 hours of teaching experience. And most importantly, everyone is excited to teach!

July Classes

In July, due to the busy schedules of our instructors, we will be offering one nonfiction writing class for each age group. Unfortunately, this means that class sizes will likely be slightly bigger than previous years.


Here are the times for each course:


Grades 2-3: Sundays 10-11 AM, starting July 10th


Grades 4-5: Fridays 6-8 PM, starting July 8th


Classes will be centered around a variety of different topics in persuasive/essay writing. 

August Classes

We will be offering creative writing classes in August! Check back later for more!

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